Audiometry Cabinet

Our company serves in two main areas in this field.

  • Companies are required to have low background noises in test laboratories to ensure that their test results are not affected. Also, in case of using low-absorption materials in the walls of the test chamber, the sound of the machine echoes in the inner region and affects the measured sound level negatively. As PechoM, we have accomplished the insulation of the test chambers with materials that provide high absorptive performance that we have developed with all these factors in mind. We make sure that the tests are done in a healthy way by minimizing the background noise in the systems we are doing and taking the value of the internal environment absorption to the maximum level.

  • Some machines produce noise when performing various tests. Officers at test centers are exposed to high noise during testing and in noise-insulated control rooms. We are creating unique solutions to reduce the level of exposure of employees to legal boundaries. We facilitate your maintenance work with our easy-to-install systems that we use in our applications. In addition, with the acoustic glasses we use on the cab, we allow the test environment to be monitored from the outside without being exposed to noise and to be able to intervene immediately in a negative situation.
  Technical Documents
   Sound Insulation Prediction (v8.0.12)
   PechoM Material Acoustic Report