Production Lines Noise Control

In line with the Law No. 6331 on Occupational Health and Safety, the maximum exposure time to high noise level of personnel in production lines was determined daily. The noise in the working environment both reduces the work efficiency of the employees and reveals possible occupational diseases. Our company serves in this field in three main headings.

  • Creation of noise map; establishment of frequency-based noise map by making noise measurements within the factory.
  • Determination of factory location; each machine has its own unique noise level and character. With our acoustic modeling and analysis software, we are able to create a layout with minimal ambient noise level. Thus, the ambient noise level remains within the legal limits.
  • It is the special way of silencing high-noise-level machines to the PechoM brand.
  • Production site silencing; It is the special way of silencing high-noise machines in the production area to the PechoM brand. We produce machine-specific solutions that will not adversely affect the efficiency of the machine while performing noise control studies.

  Technical Documents
   Sound Insulation Prediction (v8.0.12)
   PechoM Material Acoustic Report
     PechoM Production Line Noise Controlling